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Feature Request

Apr 29, 2010 at 5:09 PM

I get quite a lot of feedback from software users so I'll list them here to see if anything is of interest.


1) Digital camera support (Live View). The most commonly used cameras seem to be Canon EOS and Nikon D90

2) The user settings should save window positions and size when the program is closed.

3) Users would like to be able to access the program even if a webcam is not connected.

4) Directory scanning. The program scans a directory, when it sees a new image it appends it to the .avi file. Helium frog can then be used to review the animation.

5) Multi level onion skinning. Helium Frog can currently show only the last captured frame overlayed on the live window.

6) Helium Frog needs to be quicker. A slow video feed from a webcam causes the whole main loop to slow down. The C# code module avoids this problem as it only pauses the filter graph to pull an image from the Samplegrabber filter. A problem highlighted here with a webcam that streams slowly.

7) The ability to add sound to an animation. (I am not keen on this as its better to add sound in a separate editor otherwise video quality suffers)

8) The ability to output in other formats. (Not keen on this for the reason above). Motion jpeg produces excellent source video for input to an editor. I get many comments how the quality of Helium frog is better than the competition. The main reason is that the video is not interframe compressed but only intraframe compressed. Editors ofter decompress the source video then recompress it again.