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Visual Basic 6 Development

Helium Frog Version 2.06 and all previous versions are programmed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6. Development in VB6 has now ceased

The code uses a routine developed by Geriant Davies consulting LTD for Direct X video capture. Please contact them for further details.
The whilst developing the program code there is a requirement for FSFwrap.dll and capstill.dll to be registered in the c:/windows/system32 directory otherwise it wont run in debug mode. Copy the files to the correct directory and register them using
start > run > regsvr32 capstill.dll
start > run > regsvr32 FSFwrap.dll

How the program works
Helium Frog makes extensive use of pictureboxes to hold images in the program. I have found that using memory DCs cause problems and are prone to memory leaks. Using pictureboxes has proved more reliable. A flow diagram of the program is included in the downloads section.

A form called frmAveraging holds most of the main pictureboxes and remains hidden from the user. The pictureboxes on that form are as follows:-
picCamera Every program cycle this picturebox recieves the live image from the source device (webcam)
picOnion1 This holds the previous frame of the animation so that it can be alphablended over the current frame when onionskinning
picBackground Holds the background image when the user is chromakeying (greenscreening)
picRaw Takes a live image from picCamera and is used to frame average the images for better quality
picAverage Takes multiple images from picRaw and averages the pixels when capturing a frame. This improves image quality. The averaged frame is then saved to disk as lastframe.jpg
picBufferMain This is the main "hub" of the program. It recieves images from picCamera, picOinion1 and picBackground combining them into a single image for display

frmCapture is visible to the user it contains two picturboxes which can be toggled by the user.
picLive Holds the image when the user is in live view mode. It pulls the image from picBufferMain stretchblitted to the correct size.
picPlayback is shown to the user when in playback mode. It uses a directshow mediaplayer to play back the animation or show individual frames of the ,avi file

Other pictureboxes are used such as in the sourcesetup, editor and rotoscope routines, but these are on separate forms and are not used in the main program cycle.

Available files in the download section
File Contents
Helium Frog Version Contains the executable and all the required supporting files.
Helium Frog 2.06 Contains the user manual for the latest version in .html format
Helium Frog Version 2.06 Contains all the VB6 source code, executables, and images A flow chart in bitmap format showing how the program functions.

Visual C# Development

Some code modules have been completed for the next version of Helium Frog in C#

Available files in the download section
File Contents
Sample Grabber Sets up the source camera, captures an image and saves it to disk.
Motion Jpeg Joins .jpg files into a motion jpeg file. Can also retrieve individual .jpg frames from the created .avi file.

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