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Known Bugs in Version 2.06

Apr 29, 2010 at 5:24 PM

1) Loopback to live function doesn't work. It did work in version 2.05. I think its because the live window is paused in playback mode so when you flip to live you get a static image not a live view.

2) Helium Frog struggles if it is run across a network. The software does seem to have trouble if the disk access time is slow. Some schools run their software from a server so this can be a pain. I added a wait / loop function in the capture routine, but this didn't help.

3) The safe area rectangle (live view has a rectangle border if required) is slightly off centre. The rectangle is actually correct, but the live window has a few pixels missing off the right and bottom. The program however captures the image fully without issues.

4) A few users report problems with Vista. It does go away when run in XP mode. Cause is unknown.....and probably always will be!

5) When exiting the editor, the chroma key buttons sometimes remain open but frozen. This is difficult to replicate

6) Random freezes when capturing. The error checking in the code is awful and often handles the problem by closing down in a contolled but annoying manner.