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Project Description

This is the development site for the Helium Frog Animator. The software enables stop motion animation on a Windows PC including frame capture, avi creation, onionskinning, exposure sheet, Chroma Keying and Rotoscoping. A frame editor is also included in the Software.
The program is fully functioning and currently has had in excess of 7000 downloads from It is used in schools in countries such as Canada, Portugal and the UK for stop motion projects.

We are currently looking to get a team together to improve and expand the software so that it will be the Free software of choice for budding stop motion animators.

The program is written in Visual Basic 6 and released under the GNU General Public Licence.

Future tasks are as follows:-
a) Translating the software from VB6 to This should be a managable task and enable the use of C# modules in the software.
b) Developing modules in C# to add additional features such as support for Digital SLR cameras (Canon, Nikon etc.)
c) Translation to a full C# program and improving reliability of the code.
d) Developing a cross platform version for use on Linux and Mac


Helium Frog Screenshot

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